Jeffrey Webster MBPsS, MSc, MSc, BSc.



All Ages, All Sports, All Levels

I provide a range of services custom tailored to meet your own requirements.

Regardless of your age, your ability of the level you are playing at.

See below some examples of the services I can provide.

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Train Your Mind

Just like you train your technique and tactics by attending training/coaching,or your body by going to the gym.

By doing this, you will be ready for many more tough and challenging situations within sport.

One-One Sessions

1 hour sessions that are tailored specifically to your performance needs. These consist of interactive mental skills training exercises.

Team/Group Workshops

Interactive workshops which cover general areas of performance psychology. From this you can learn mental skills which can be used during performance.


Needs Analysis

Breakdown your performance in order to note important skills and characteristics you desire to develop. Discover unknown areas within your performance that you can develop and improve.


Keep scientific records of your progression. See real results!

Multi-disciplinery Collaboration

Work can be completed in collaboration with necessary professionals (i.e. physiotherapists, coaches, performance analysts etc)

Performance Attendance

Here, you can receive full support when performing (i.e. motivational talks, someone to talk to and put you on the right tracks)

Continued Support

Keep in constant contact through email, Skype, text or phone call. Continued support out with sessions will enhance progression.
"I can't believe the change in me. I feel more optimistic, more relaxed and focused and more importantly getting so much enjoyment out of playing."

Get In Touch

To find out more including fees for Jeffrey’s services and work which could be carried out with you,
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